Park Ridge Apartments Northfield, MN

Park Ridge Apartments offers HUD 202 PRAC housing for individuals 62 and older who are extremely low-income. The apartments feature one-bedroom units with full kitchens and private bathrooms, providing about 530 square feet of living space. The community includes shared spaces like a deck, patio, dining room, and living room for social activities. It's also pet-friendly, with specific requirements for pets and a one-time pet fee.

For eligibility, HUD 202 PRAC housing is generally available to very low-income households with at least one person who is 62 years old at the time of initial occupancy2. To learn more about the specific income limits and pet policy at Park Ridge Apartments, contact the office directly at (507) 664-8850.

Apartment Features can significantly impact your living experience. Let's explore some common apartment amenities and features that you might find appealing:

  1. Handicap Accessibility: This ensures that the apartment is designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. Features may include wider doorways and accessible bathrooms.
  2. Kitchen with Range and Refrigerator: A functional kitchen is essential. Having a stove (range) and a refrigerator allows you to cook meals and store food conveniently.
  3. Spacious Living Room and Bedroom: Ample space in the living room and bedroom provides comfort and flexibility for arranging furniture and personal belongings.
  4. Private Bath: Having your own bathroom ensures privacy and convenience. It's especially important for maintaining hygiene and personal space.
  5. Closet Space: Sufficient closet space helps keep your belongings organized.
  6. Linen Closets: Linen closets are specifically designed for towels, sheets, and other linens.
  7. Elevator: Park Ridge Housing has an elevator to make your daily life easier.
  8. Off-Street Parking

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