Three Links Apartments

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Three Links Apartments cater to the needs of individuals aged 62 and above or the disabled, offering a harmonious blend of independence and companionship. The income limits for eligibility at Three Links Apartments are determined by HUD's guidelines, which vary based on the median family income and fair market rent area definitions for each location.

Our cozy one-bedroom apartments feature a complete kitchen, private bathroom, and approximately 530 square feet of comfortable, maintenance-free living space. Community interaction is fostered through shared spaces such as a patio, dining room, multipurpose room, and library.

At Three Links Apartments, we embrace your love for pets, making us a pet-friendly community. While we have guidelines regarding the type, breed, and size of pets allowed, we eagerly anticipate getting to know your furry companion. Additionally, please note there is a one-time pet fee associated with bringing your pet into our community.

Three Links Apartments provides HUD Section 8 housing options for individuals 62 and older or disabled.

Apartment Features can significantly impact your living experience. Let's explore some common apartment amenities and features that you might find appealing:

  1. Handicap Accessibility: This ensures that the apartment is designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. Features may include wider doorways and accessible bathrooms.
  2. Kitchen with Range and Refrigerator: A functional kitchen is essential. Having a stove (range) and a refrigerator allows you to cook meals and store food conveniently.
  3. Spacious Living Room and Bedroom: Ample space in the living room and bedroom provides comfort and flexibility for arranging furniture and personal belongings.
  4. Private Bath: Having your own bathroom ensures privacy and convenience. It's especially important for maintaining hygiene and personal space.
  5. Ample Closet Space: Sufficient closet space helps keep your belongings organized. Look for apartments with spacious closets for clothes, shoes, and storage.
  6. Storage and Linen Closets: Extra storage areas are valuable for keeping items like linens, cleaning supplies, or seasonal gear. Linen closets are specifically designed for towels, sheets, and other linens.
  7. Elevator: Three Links Apartments is a 3 story building, and having an elevator makes moving in and out easier, especially if you're on an upper floor.
  8. Off-Street Parking

Remember to consider both in-unit amenities (features specific to your apartment) and community amenities (shared facilities within the building or complex) when choosing your ideal living space.

The activities and recreation at Three Links Apartments include a variety of options to keep residents engaged and active. Here's a summary of what they offer:

  • Exercise Classes: These are likely designed to cater to the fitness levels of senior residents, promoting health and wellness.
  • Card Games and Bingo: These popular activities offer fun ways to socialize and stimulate the mind.
  • Computer in Community Room: Access to a computer allows residents to stay connected with family and friends, as well as to engage with technology.
  • Intergenerational Opportunities with students from the Northfield Area Learning Center.

For a more detailed schedule or to inquire about specific activities, you can reach out to Three Links Apartments directly.

In summary, Three Links Apartments provides a range of activities aimed at enriching the lives of its senior residents through physical exercise, games, and access to technology.

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