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Northfield's long-term care facilities

(Northfield, Minn.) - On Wednesday, April 26, the leaders from two of Northfield's long-term care facilities joined providers throughout the state for a meeting with two of Gov. Tim Walz's trusted advisors in St. Paul.
The meeting with Richard Carlbom, Deputy Chief of Staff, and Josh Ney, Policy Advisor, was held to urge Gov. Walz to support seniors and their caregivers through funding for long-term care.
Jay Pizinger, Three Links Care Center CEO, and Tom Nielson, Northfield Retirement Community President and CEO, attended the meeting held at the Capitol along with more than 25 leaders of long-term care facilities throughout the state.
The State sets the nursing home rates for all who receive care. Low-income assisted living seniors use Medicaid dollars through a state program called Elderly Waiver that covers services provided. In both cases, the rates set by the state do not cover the total cost of care, including competitive wages for professional caregivers.
Unless the state increases funding for nursing home reimbursements and Elderly Waiver, senior care providers will be unable to provide competitive wages and benefits to recruit and retain the caregivers needed to provide the growing population of Minnesota seniors with the care they need when and where they need it.
The governor has proposed a modest increase to the Elderly Waiver program and he has proposed a minimal $3.9 million in funding for select critical access nursing homes. Long-term care leaders throughout the state encourage Gov. Walz to increase funding to long-term care settings to ensure seniors have access to care in all the places they call home, including nursing homes.

Seated: Richard Carlbom, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Gov. Tim Walz; Josh Ney, Policy Advisor, Office of Tim Walz
Standing: Many of the leaders from long-term care setting across the state who met with Gov. Walz's staff

Minnesota Representative Kristi Pursell joined Three Links, Northfield Hospital and Northfield Retirement Community to discuss our local long-term care facilities who are currently facing a serious staff shortage. We recently met with Minnesota representative Kristi Pursell to discuss the lack of state funding for our nursing homes.

Amanda Gruber