Three Links - End-of-Life Care

End of Life Care Locations

Reflections Care Suites
809 Forest Avenue,
Northfield, MN

Reflections Care Suites - End-of-Life Care

End of life care at Three Links involves providing compassionate care and support to individuals who are nearing the end of their lives. It focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the resident and their family. End of life care at Three Links is provided by a team of trained professionals who work to ensure that the resident's final days are as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Some of the key elements of end of life care at Three Links include:

  • Pain management and symptom control to provide relief from physical discomfort
  • Emotional and psychosocial support for the resident and their family, including grief counseling and spiritual support
  • Assistance with daily activities and personal care, such as bathing and grooming, to ensure the resident's comfort and dignity
  • Care coordination with the resident's healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care and effective management of any medical conditions
  • Specialized training for staff members in end of life care, including communication skills and ethical considerations
  • Support for families during the end of life process, including education on the dying process, partnership with hospice care, and advance care planning.

Common Areas:

  • Community dining rooms and private gathering spaces for your family
  • Sitting room with a fireplace
  • Glass conservatory
  • Outdoor spaces including a patio
  • Chapel