Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission
Creating Peace of Mind For Those We Serve

Our Vision
Honoring Individuals Through Their Life Journey

Our Values


  • Respect for yourself- maintain emotional and physical health
  • Professionalism-appearance and language
  • Respect for others (co-workers, peers, supervisors)
  • We are all players on the SAME TEAM! Let's act like a team!
  • Respect for the organization's mission, philosophy, policies
  • Respect for customers-clients and guests
  • Give compassionate care to our clients
  • Encourage use of individual talents and value each person's contributions

High Expectations

  • Don't settle for average, satisfactory, or a "C" grade
  • Always strive to provide "excellent" service, or an "A" for a grade
  • "Good" is not good enough
  • The goal is increased customer and employee satisfaction and decreased client and employee grievances
  • Be on time, ready for work, and take full responsibility for your duties
  • Bring positive attitudes, energy, and fun to the workplace
  • Act as a team player- support and help others


  • Always maintain professionalism and confidentiality
  • Communicate at the right place at the right time to the right person
  • Make a plan with your co-workers at the beginning of your shift and communicate throughout your day
  • All communication is done with courtesy, kindness, and respect
  • If a problem does not get resolved, bring the issue to the supervisor
  • Practice good listening skills and consider the opinions of others


  • Show pride in your work! Feel good about yourself
  • Always strive to meet or exceed your own or you co-workers/
    supervisors expectations
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • involvement in meetings, in-services, and committees is
  • Go "above and beyond". Do something special for someone
    each day.
  • Welcome and support new co-workers
  • Pursue knowledge, job skills, and continuous learning.