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Three Links Management services


Helping your organization achieve results

Achieve Results:
Three Links Management Services help the business office achieve noticeable results on your cash flow. Our extensive “hands on experience” in billing will help the clients accomplish the following:
  • Significant reduction in accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Eliminate rejected Medicare, Medicaid and third party claims
  • Capture the fastest, biggest revenue stream for the organization by properly billing Medicare
  • Support the business office staff
Industry averages for days outstanding in accounts receivables is about 40 days. Three Links has achieved the benchmark of 25 days. We understand that timely filing is critical to success in order to avoid costly write-offs since the filing window has become shorter.
Utilizing Our Experiences:

Our tool box has been developed “in the trenches.” We will utilize our tools and experience to assess a facility’s billing and revenue concerns and will pass on the tools of our trade to facilitate staff to help them achieve success in the future.

Our services include:
  • Review policies and procedures in the billing office
  • Introduce best practices
  • Train staff for proper billing techniques
  • Bill all private, Medicare, Medicaid, and other payers as appropriate, including managed care and MSHO products
  • Follow up and track billed claims
  • Bill coinsurance or deductibles to appropriate payers
  • Help identify uncollectible accounts, including timely filing issues
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Occasional phone and/or email support to build the confidence of the billing staff

Client Testimonials

“Due to staff turnover in my billing department, we were facing some serious issues related to nursing home claims paid as well as training needed by my existing staff. In less than three days of having Three Links Management Services on site, they had cleared up our billing problems and provided excellent training for my staff. To this day when we have a question, we call Three Links Management Services.

Three Links Management Services is one of the best I have seen and would highly recommend.”

“Three Links Management Services is a valuable resource for our organization. We appreciate their guidance in preparing for the audit, assisting with complex Medicare claims and idea sharing to help us improve our operations. Their consultants take the time to notify us of upcoming billing changes which keeps us on track.

We have worked with them for over two years and this relationship has strengthened our organization and helps prepare us for the health care changes ahead.”

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Three Links Management Services

815 Forest Avenue

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